Hello and welcome to Earn-Academy!


Who am I and what is this blog for?

I’m a crypto enthusiast since 2012 and on my way I tried many different ways to make more or less money.

There are many scams and other bad things outside but between all the crap there are some pearls. 😉

On this page I want to share the experience I made so far. I won’t make any promises – I just tell you where I made and where I lost money. I can’t guarantee that these ways of earning money will work for you too. But maybe you will try one or more of my methods and maybe they will earn you some money too.

By the way: If I post my Ref-links I will tell you all of your and mine advantages of using them. No tricks, no lies!

If my methods will get you some money I really would be pleased if you would spend me a cup of coffee or a beer or something. Feel free to write me a mail if you have any questions or constructive criticism (regardless what kind of).

At least: I’m not giving any financial advices. What you do with your money is absolutely your busines! So stay save and NEVER use money you won’t bear to lose. I fyou still want to invest: You are welcome to join the Team.

But enough of small-talk for now – Time to make some money! 😉