What is Brave?

Brave is a new browser with some really interesting advantages over its competitors like Chrome or Firefox and as that it is not even an alternative to Crome, Firefox etc., it is up to 3 times faster and much more saver than its competitors.

This browser blocks more adds than the most adblockers i tried so far and thats not all – It even pays you for that service. Sounds incredible? Here the explanation:

The browser will give you the option to allow paid adds. Brave analyses your browsing behaviors (Only stored on your computer – They won’t send these information to their service!) and will fade in commercial notifications in the bottom-right corner, only if they’re not annoying. So they won’t pop-up if your watching videos on youtube for example. For each fade up notification you will get rewarded with BAT token.

The price of one BAT is about 0.20$-0.35$ and the browser makes me about 8$ every month.

You can download it >>HERE<<.

Here are the settings:

1) Click on the BAT icon next to your searchbar and then click on „Rewards Settings“.

2) Open the „Ads“ settings.

3) Set „maximum number of ads displayed“ to „5 ads per hour“.

4) Switch „Auto-Contribute“ to „off“.

5) Click on „Tips Settings“ and uncheck the three boxes.

Some Tipps:

There are also apps for ANDROID & IOS!

If brave wrongly blocks a site oder an attribute you can deactivate brave-shield by clicking on the little icon next to your browser-bar.