Faucet Collector:

One of the sources of my passive income is this Faucet Bot. With the right set-up it is possible to earn about 25$-30$ monthly and this completely passive!

What do we need?

1) Faucet Collector . Reduced price only with this link!
2) Zennolab Capmonster to solve Captchas
3) Not necessary, but facing the energy charges it is recommend to use a Mini-PC. I’m using >>This one<<, but other modules should also work.

Configure the bot as follows:


This faucets are coming with their own microwallet called CoinPot.
Create your account
>>HERE<< if you didn’t so far. Than collect coins from this sites:



The claimrates are:

In addition we get a
 Daily Loyalty Bonus (increases by 1% per day), so it is very important to claim every day to reach the 100% mark and get double rewarded.

Another bonus is paid in form of CoinPot-Token (CPT). For every claim we do, we will get 3 CPT wich are worth about 1.0-1.2 satoshi and the challange system brings even more of them. The So that’s the reason why I recommend to use CapMonster because we can claim as often as possible and collect the maximum of CPT.

With the new VIP-System you can upgrade your CPT rewards from 3 up to 6 per claim. You only need to hold some of your tokens in your CoinPot wallet. I recommend to hold a minimum of 100.000 CPT (about 10$) for getting 4 token or better 1.000.000 (about 100$) to get even 5 token per claim.

Use the following settings for your Faucet Collector:



Ad the user-script „CointyplyPTC“ (do NOT disable script assets here!) to collect the Cointiply pay-to-click rewards and let it run all three hours

First we need to have a look into the account settings. Use the top-bar MORE>PROFILE>DISABLE LOTTERY & INTEREST andactivate the function „DISABLE LOTTERY“, so from now we will get reward points instad of the lotterytickets for each claim.

FreeBitcoin Disable Lottery

Change the bot settings to:

„AutoRedeemBTC only if my points >=“ 4200
„Auto redeem BTC-Bonus“ 1000%
„AutoRedeemPointsBonus“ The largest bonus

Solving ONE OF THIS requirements will unlock the biggest bonus awards (note that these requirements can be changed at any time and fulfilling them is not a guarantee to unlock them forever). Here an example..

By the way, here a little bonus if you register via my ref-link:
I share all my ref-commisions 50/50 with you. 😉