What is Presearch?

Presearch understands itself as an alternative to google and not only that, this search-enginge rewards you for every search you do.
Every time you do a search through Presearch, it will reward you with 0,25 PRE token up to a maximum of 8 PRE per day.
1000 PRE actually are worth about 20$
Read the official whitepaper >>HERE<<

How it works?

1) At first create an account >>HERE<<. (If you use my ref-link to register, you will get a bonus of 25 PRE)
2) Set “Dsearch“ (The searchengine of Presearch) as your default engine. (
You only get rewarded if you use Dsearch through Presearch!)

3) Install Brave/Chrome/Firefox addons to use Presearch when doing searches through your browser-bar.

Some notes:

– To withdraw or sell your token you need a minimum of 1000 PRE. After reaching the minimum, you can withdraw your token to any ERC-20 compatible wallet.
– If you delete your cookies (like you do if you use CCleaner e.g.), you need to login again before you get rewarded again!
– There are also IOS & Android apps downloadable in the mobile stores.
– If the results are not satisfying, you easily can repeat your searches using google. Just click on the logo on the top-left side.